A Village Doctor Paragraph

A Village Doctor Paragraph

Paragraph on A Village Doctor

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Doctor.’ Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who is a village doctor?
  2. What is his qualification?
  3. What is your idea of a dispensary run by such a doctor?
  4. When does he come to his dispensary and see his patients?
  5. How does he treat his patients?
  6. What services does he provide for the villagers?
  7. What is his relationship with the villagers?
  8. What is the importance of a village doctor?

Answer: A village doctor is a person who gives treatment to the village people at a cheap cost. He is a familiar figure in the villages. Generally, he is not a registered doctor. He receives some training by working under a qualified doctor for some years. He has a dispensary in his house. He gets up early in the morning and attends to his patients. He treats his patients very carefully. He gives them advice and medicine. After finishing his duty there, he goes out to see other patients in the villages. Sometimes he spends the whole night sitting beside a patient. His presence and affectionate touch fill the patients with hope and courage. He takes small fees from the patients. Sometimes he gives free treatment to the poor.

However, a village doctor sometimes does bad to the patients by giving wrong treatment as he has little knowledge of medicine. Of course, he tries to avoid treating critical patients. Rich people in the village usually avoid going to a village doctor. They call him a quack. But it is true that a village doctor is a friend to the villagers. He is always at their side to provide the medical service. He passes a lot of time inquiring about their health condition. He gives them advice free of cost. His treatment fee is very little. So, poor villagers love and honor him very much.


A Village Doctor Paragraph

A village doctor is a very familiar figure in rural areas in our country. He may be a qualified doctor or a quack. He renders a great service to the village people when they become ill. So a village doctor is an important person to the village people.

Generally, a village doctor is not well qualified. He gathers experience by working with a qualified doctor or by obtaining an LMAF certificate from a Paramedical Institute. So he starts his business with a lot of practical experience.

A village doctor sets up his dispensary in his house or in a market place. It is a small establishment with a few almirahs with cheap medicines for everyday use. Generally, he sits in the morning and in the evening to visit patients. Patients come to his dispensary and he examines them and gives them prescriptions. He takes little fees from the patients. Sometimes, he visits the patients on call. He spends hours beside the sickbed if the patient is seriously ill. He tries his best to treat the patient well. He takes great care of them. Sometimes, he prescribes the poor patients without taking any fees. He remains busy all day long. He earns popularity by means of his politeness and friendly attitude.

A village doctor is not well-off. He cannot enrich his dispensary with all the necessary medicines. He supplies only cheap medicines. Sometimes he prescribes the wrong medicine to the patient which may lead the patient to death.

A village doctor is the companion of the village people in their joys and sorrows. He is always ready to visit his patients. Even at midnight, he has to go to the patient’s house. He never feels disturbed to do so. He is the most trusted (wek¦vmx) person to the village people in the absence of a qualified doctor.

A village doctor does a noble profession. Though he is less qualified, he renders great service to society. So a village doctor is a useful person to the village people.


A Village Doctor Paragraph

A person who treats the poor villagers is a village doctor. He is a familiar and prominent figure in the village. A village doctor gives treatment to the village patients  He has a great demand in the village. He is generally a quack. He does not know much about medicine. He works with a qualified doctor for a few years and receives training under him. Then he sets up a dispensary in his own village. He opens his dispensary early in the morning. He examines the patients in his own dispensary and supplies them with medicine. He stands by the villagers in times of danger. He goes out on a visit on private calls. He is an important man in the village. He has got a high position in the rural society as he pays the villagers a helpful service at any time. He is locally respected much. He treats his patients with a nominal fee from the patients. He does not mind if anyone does not pay him. He is somewhat responsible for the health condition of the villagers. Therefore, he should be trained more practically by the government for the better treatment of the villagers.


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