Environment Pollution Paragraph

Environment Pollution Paragraph

Paragraph on Environment Pollution


  1. What is environmental pollution?
  2. How is the environment polluted day by day?
  3. What are the causes of different types of pollutions?
  4. What are the effects?
  5. Which diseases does environmental pollution create?
  6. What should we do to lead a comfortable life?

Answer: The environment refers to the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live. Our environment is often polluted mostly by man-made causes. We create smoke by burning wood, coals, and oil. Mills, factories, and various types of vehicles also belch a lot of smoke and thus pollute the air. Polluted air causes pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. Water is also polluted in different ways. Man pollutes water by throwing poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers. Water vehicles pollute water by dumping oil, food waste, and human waste into them. Unsanitary latrines and unsafe drains standing on rivers also pollute water, which causes water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, etc. The next factor is soil pollution. Various chemicals such as lead and arsenic pollute the soil. Pollution by arsenic causes severe skin diseases that even can lead to cancer. The environment may also be pollution from untreated human waste causes serious discomfort to our sense of smell. If we want to live a comfortable life, we should take determined action to prevent the pollution of the environment. And it can be done better by raising awareness among people.


Environment Pollution Paragraph

All the ingredients that we have around us are jointly known as the environment. Environmental pollution implies the contamination of the surroundings. Any abnormal change of environment in chemical, physical, and biological characteristics in the environment is called environmental pollution. The environment is the whole system of our existence. Our environment is becoming polluted every day for several reasons. Human beings mainly pollute the environment. Massive industrialization is an important cause of the environment. Smoke from motor vehicles also pollutes the environment. Serious environmental pollution occurs in big cities because buses, trucks, and cars play in the streets every day and emit smoke. Mills and factories also pollute water. They throw their waste products into rivers and canals. By burning wood and melting pitch for road construction people make more smoke and pollute the air. We use pesticides in our crop fields. It also pollutes our environment. Indiscriminate cutting of trees has also turned into an unbalanced environment. The ecological balance is being lost as a result of environmental pollution. If we all desire to live a healthy and tranquil life, we should make our environment clean and free from pollution. We should be whole-heartedly in keeping our environment fit for habitation.

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