How To Do Hair Spa At Home?

How To Do Hair Spa At Home?

For a female, her hair means the world to her. She does everything possible under the sun to ensure her hair is healthy, long, shiny, and lustrous to the hilt. However, hair care does not always mean the use of expensive hair products or frequent visits to beauty parlors or salons. With proper care and effective home remedies, one can improve their hair quality and texture naturally as well (unless the hair problem is due to a medical condition). With the following home remedies, a hair spa can be done at home with fruitful outcomes to give your hair the much-needed shine and glow.

Steps for Hair Spa at Home

Before one gets started with the procedure at home, it is essential to understand what a hair spa is and what it does to your hair. A Hair Spa is a hair grooming procedure whereby steps are carried out to check the hair fall and damage with proper hair conditioning and nourishment.

Hair Spa at Home


Oil Massage

Massaging the hair and the scalp with warm oil forms the basis of a Hair Spa or any other hair care regime. In addition to relaxing the hair follicles, an oil massage goes a long way to ensure that there is an undisrupted circulation of blood to the roots of the hair. You can use olive, coconut, almond, or even sesame oil for the hair massage. It is important to mention that one should be gentle while doing the oil massage. Apply the oil using your fingertips on the scalp and then gradually move downwards to the hair tips.

Steam/Turban Hair Therapy

The next step involves steam therapy. For this, you will need a towel and hot water. In the bowl containing hot water, dip the towel and then carefully squeeze all the water out of it. Now wrap your head with this damp towel (like a turban) and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Steam therapy is an essential step of a Hair Spa as it facilitates the absorption of the nutrients deep inside by opening the pores.

A Hair Mask

If dull or damaged hair has been giving you a tough time, all you need is a good hair mask. The most commonly used and effective hair mask is the one prepared using eggs and coconut oil. Take two eggs (or more depending on your hair length) in a bowl and add two teaspoons of coconut oil to it. Some people also prefer to add honey and mashed bananas to the pack for better results. Mix well and apply on the scalp and then gradually move down the hair. Tie the hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it for about 30 minutes.

Shampoo the Hair

Following the application of the hair mask, wash your hair with a mild shampoo (preferably the ones that are sulfate-free).

Hair conditioning

While there are many good hair conditioners available in the market, you can also prepare one at home. For the homemade conditioner, you need tea leaves and lemon juice.

In a saucepan, add water and tea leaves and bring them to a boil. Now add the lemon juice to it. Once it cools down, filter the mixture into a bottle using a sieve. Your conditioner is ready for use.

Those with dry hair can prepare a conditioner using olive oil and honey. In a small bowl, add three teaspoons each of honey and olive oil and mix well. Using your fingertips, apply this mixture to the scalp and the hair. Let the conditioner stay on the hair and the scalp for close to 2 hours and then wash off with water.

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