Lemon For Skin Care

Lemon For Skin Care

Lemon, a fruit that spices up your food can also spice up your facial look, shocking isn’t it? Well, lemon is one of the best fruits for skin care. Nowadays many beauty products and skincare products are made of lemon. People consume lemon juice to reduce weight, lemon, and honey pack for skin bleaching and for skin softening too!

Lemon is one shop stop for all your beauty needs, it not only caters to your skincare needs but also hair care, benefits of lemon are bucket lots. But one must know how to make the optimum utilization of the lemon zest for getting better results in no time. Lemon juice is acidic in nature because of the citric acid which is good for cleansing your skin. As it absorbs the oil of your skin and easily cleans the pores without disturbing the natural oil requirement of your skin.

This citric food is not only easily available but also is a very rich source for Vitamin C as well as Vitamin B. Benefits of lemon for skin care are unlimited, viable, and has easy to DIY (do it yourself) techniques for beauty and skincare. So the real question is how to use lemon for your skincare? But before that let us know the nutritional value of lemon.

Lemon For Skin Care

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Nutritional Value of Lemon

Uses Of Lemon For Skin Care

Side Effects Of Lemon For Skin Care

Precautions To Be Taken While Using Lemon For Skin Care


Nutritional Value Of Lemon

Aforesaid nutrition available even in a quarter cup of lemon consists of 31% of vitamin C, about 3% of folate, and about 2% of potassium. Overall calories available in a quarter cup of lemon juice is only 13%. It has 0 saturated fats and other nutrients like Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.

Uses Of Lemon For Skin Care

Lemon not only kills the dead skin cells of your body but is also used for many different things that will nurture your skin.

Used As A Skin Lightener

Lemon is a good natural remedy to lighten your skin tone, but if mixed with few drops of coconut water it will be an amazing moisturizer. Coconut water hydrates your skin and lemon will kill all the dead cells and lighten and brighten your skin tone. Lemon zest is one of the best ancient methods for skin care and skin bleaching.

Removes Stretch Marks, Black Spots and Discoloration

We all hate uneven skin tone and black spots and stretch marks on our skin. There are many creams and treatments for this but they can be a little hard on our pocket, might as well find something cheaper and easily available. Applying lemon juice on a daily basis is the best way to get rid of your stretch marks and dark spots on your skin which are nothing but dead cells.

Used To Clear Acne

You will be surprised to know that the acne that troubles you so much can be removed using a lemon and honey face pack. If you ask how? Well, lemon contains antibacterial properties, bacteria is the prime reason that causes infections and breakouts on your skin. The antibacterial property of lemon can act as a natural exfoliator and remove dead skin accumulated in your pores. Lemon for skin is the best home remedy. Lemon juice is also used as an oil – eliminator which again helps to stop the growth of acne on your skin.

Lemon Can Be Used To Remove Freckles

Generally, people with fair skin tone face the problem of freckles which are like dark spots on their faces. These tiny dark spots are though natural but not loved by many, so in order to remove the lemon zest is the best traditional natural remedy.

You have to apply it to your freckles and let your skin soak the juice for quite a few minutes till you feel a burning sensation. You can notice the change on your skin in the next 48 hours, but to get completely rid of this you have to repeat the procedure at least two times a week.

To Get Rid Of Dark Knees And Elbow Patches

We all know that the elbows and knee part of our body has a rough skin which is comparatively darker than your normal skin tone. For this, you can directly take a lemon cut it into two half, and rub it on your skin around the elbow and knee for about 5 to 10 minutes.

The citric acid of the lemon will be soaked by your skin and kill all the bacteria causing dead cells. But make sure after you do this you do not expose that part to the bright sun or else it might cause a phototoxic reaction. Skin bleaching can be easily done with lemon juice.

Anti-aging Agent

Looking young and up bit is something that every one of us desires, but aging is part of our lives, however, we can control it to a certain extent using natural remedies. This is one of the best benefits of lemon applying lemon juice can work as an anti-aging medicine because of its antioxidant nature caused by vitamin C and the exfoliating action caused by citric acid.

Even many studies have successfully researched that the L ascorbic acid primarily found in Vitamin C of the lemon juice is the best ingredient even used in many creams for anti-aging.

Brightens Your Skin Tone

Lemon for skin is one of the most recommended remedies by every dermatologist, every skincare product to brighten the skin has lemon in it.

Using artificial creams can give you the same glow but for time being. They do come with a limitation, now using lemon on a daily basis and applying it on your skin with a mixture of honey can work wonders. Vitamin C of lemon juice works as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and also boosts your collagen.

Lemon and honey for the face can even help you to get rid of the suntan that was troubling you lately. However, after applying the lemon juice avoid going out as your skin will be sensitive to the harmful UV rays.

Toner For Your Skin

Everyone needs to tone their skin, and if you have oily skin tone then lemon is the best remedy to naturally cure your skin problems. squeeze a lemon and make juice with it and dab the juice on your skin with a piece of cotton.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is important, and lemon for skin is the best in this case. for this deep cut a lemon into two pieces and fill it with sugar or honey and then rub it on your face. This is the best natural and herbal way to exfoliate your skin.

Side Effects Of Lemon For Skin Care

Everyone has different skin types, which is why the effectiveness of the home remedies may differ significantly depending upon the skin quality. lemon being one of the safest remedies used for skincare can fire back too!

Can Cause Skin Burns

Lemon juice consists of citric acid which might burn your skin if exposed to the sun, one must take utmost care when they apply lemon juice on their skin pores, going out in sun might be dangerous if your skin is sensitive. Lemon juice might cause Skin burn, dark spots, and blisters as the component of the lemon juice called psoralens interact with the sunlight and cause a burn.

Can Damage Your Skin pH

Lemon being acidic in nature consists of high pH value, which can lead to permanent damage to your skin. As lemon juice can alter your skin’s pH, which might potentially cause skin irritation and even hyperpigmentation and make your skin very sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Uneven Skin Tone

Extra usage of lemon on your skin may lead to unevenness in your skin tone, there might be areas on your skin that might turn extra dark due to the burns caused by lemon juices acidic nature.

Turns Acne Into Dark Spots

if you believe that your skin is sensitive then having applied lemon directly on your skin might not be a good idea. if applied directly on your acne might burn them with the acid it contains and turns them into dark spots, which are not good for your face.

‣ Requirements differ with different Skin tones and one must take different precautions before using lemon for skincare.

‣ Oily skin tone requires a toner with a lemon face pack, to avoid any side effects.

‣ Dry skin tone requires only a face pack.

‣ Sensitive skin tone, if you believe your skin is quite delicate then make sure you use more quantity of honey with lemon for your skincare.

Precautions To Be Taken While Using Lemon For Skin Care

Skincare holds utmost importance and so precautions are a must, one must not use lemon directly on their skin if they have a sensitive skin tone, try using lemon and honey for skincare to avoid any irritation and harm.

Lemon juice can cause skin burn due to the Sun’s UV rays and might lead to skin darkening instead of skin bleaching. so it is preferred to make use of the benefits of lemon at night time.


The benefits of lemon are unlimited, one has to make sure that you use lemon in the apt way to enjoy all the humongous benefits that lemon offers. Lemon benefits for skin have been no mystery and after reading the above article I am sure you have gotten a better idea about the uses of lemon for skincare.

Skin bleaching, brightening and acne removal are some of the best benefits of lemon juice. But make sure you do not expose your skin immediately after applying lemon and honey or lemon zest on your face. Enhance your beauty now with lemon, one of the most trusted home remedies.

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