Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Paragraph on Tree Plantation

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Tree Plantation’ by answering the following questions.

  • What is a tree plantation?
  • What do trees do?
  • What role do trees play?
  • What do they supply us?
  • What are the scopes of tree plantations?
  • Why should we devote to tree plantation?
  • How do trees keep our environment fresh?

Answer: Tree plantation means planting trees in a well-planned way. Usually, it is a part of a programmer to fight back environmental pollution globally. The environment is being polluted every moment and the planet ‘earth’ is already under the threat of the Greenhouse Effect. Tree plantation the most effective and easiest way to control the greenhouse effect. Trees play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. They produce oxygen; regulate rainfall and the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. They also supply us with food, drink medicine, clothing, and shelter, and so on. Trees supply raw materials for both small and big industries. The climate of Bangladesh is suitable for tree plantation. We can plant trees on both sides of roads and in the: Ten space of schools, offices, mosques, and temples. Trees help us in various ways and so; we must devote ourselves to tree plantation.


Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree plantation means the process of planting trees. Nowadays it has become a social movement in our country. Trees are a great boon to us. They are related to our life and well-being. The boons and benefits derived from them are too many to count. Trees provide us shelter, food, fruits, firewood, timber, and oxygen. We get vitamins from fruits. They prevent soil erosion, air pollution, and floods. They also effectively prevent the spread of the desert and landslides. They are essential to maintain ecological balance and the preservation of fauna. We all should plant and grow more and more trees and protect them. Social forestry should be taken on a large scale and trees should be grown all around were in space. Trees add to the beauty and quality of our life and living. We have to plant trees in every bare space of land, the sea beaches, the low –lying areas, the roadsides should be brought under deforestation. We cannot think of our existence without trees. People should grow more and more trees to improve our adverse situation. The result of tree plantation will be positive for human beings in every sphere of life.

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